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At Asia Kandi LLC, we’ve been making our very own line of high quality chewing gums, soft candies, and lollipops since 2004. However, for nearly a decade before we opened our first independent production facilities, our founders spent those years as prominent importers and distributors of this same product type. This experience provided a broader understanding of the market, including indices like demand, assortment, and quality, while simultaneously building up a large distribution and retail chain. During this time, we were able to expand throughout all of Uzbekistan, while simultaneously bringing our products to market in neighboring Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. These well-established export partnerships were critically important when we launched “Asia Kandi”, deciding to start production under our own brands and trademarks.

We acquired our first 3500 m2 production facility, located in the Uchtepa district of Tashkent. It was there, in 2004, that we proudly launched our first production line for Asia Kandi. From that very same facility, over the past 12 years, we have launched an additional 4 production lines.

Considering that this market is ever-changing, our enterprise must always be continually investing in market research, and paying close attention to evolving production technologies, equipment, and raw sources. Here we work with various manufacturers of modern equipment. This business model allows us to increase production capacity, while enabling us to enter other markets, which in turn increases our export potential. One of the most important benefits which come from the production of our goods in Uzbekistan is that there are no export-import fees involved when trading with Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other neighboring countries, as a result of the trade agreement between these countries.

We are proud to present our products at various trade exhibitions, both at the local level and internationally. Our goal is to increase our export potential, which will then allow us to have an easy access to convertible international currencies. These international currencies can be invested back into the company to purchase state-of-art European equipment, which will help us to enter the broader European and Asian markets, establish partnerships with large international brands, and ultimately, will help us to launch production of sugarless chewing gum, and substantially increase the available assortment of our offerings.

The chewing gum which we currently produce includes the following brands: KANGO, ORIENT, FRUITBOL, I’M SOURY, YOU&ME, and KIKI RIKI.


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